Erich Netherton - "Netherbox"
04-01-2024 to 05-31-2024

Tracks “Along the Beam” and “He Fights” can be heard on the album released in September sonitus ex ligno et metallo : the sounds from wood and metal and were recorded and mixed at Hambidge.

“Split Rock” will be on the EP Songs to Dream By Volume 1 Joshua Tree and the Yucca Valley, which is due to be released in May. Songs to Dream By is a new series of slow evolving music for internal exploration. Volume 1 includes sounds from Joshua Tree National Park. The opening and close of “Split Rock” is wind recorded by a lone tree on the Split Rock Trail in Joshua Tree Nat’l Park and other tracks on that release will embrace natural sounds from Joshua Tree and the Yucca Valley as well. Subsequent volumes will include ambiences from other National Parks across the United States.

Erich Netherton is an Atlanta based percussionist and sound designer, he is known for his unique artistry that transcends traditional boundaries. His journey led him to craft an other wordly instrument called The Netherbox, a creation that reflects his innovative spirit and deep passion for music. Through his compositions, he invites audiences on a sonic adventure that resonates with their souls.