Toby Kaufmann-Buhler - "Cove"
04-01-2024 to 05-31-2024

Cove is based on my experience in residency at the Hambidge Center in winter 2023; this collection of work uses field recordings from throughout Hambidge. Some of these feature saw playing in different locations on the campus, some are based on work in my residency studio, and the last track is a live performance in Chicago from April 2023.

Toby Kaufmann-Buhler (based in Lafayette, Indiana) explores history, memory, identity and sensory perception in relation to his family and himself, within individual lives and across broad sweeps of history and culture. This work takes form in video, film, found/composed sound, text, installation, performance and interactive media. In 2022 he mounted the solo exhibition “Kingdom Loops 2002-2020” at Project DIVFUSE (London, England). In 2019 he mounted the solo exhibition “The Name of the Machine from the Moon” at Listen Hear (Indianapolis, Indiana) with a grant from the Indiana Arts Commission. In 2023 Kaufmann-Buhler was an artist in residence at the Hambidge Center for Creative Arts & Sciences, and was an artist in residence at MASS MoCA in 2021; he attended artist residencies at Signal Culture and Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts in 2017. He is a Lecturer in time-based media and photography in the School of Design, Art and Performance at Purdue University.